The Crossboat
at the Ceuvel

An inspirational multi-functional space in
an innovative and sustainable environment


Rent the Crossboat

We offer a high-end inspirational multi functional space in an innovative and sustainable environment. We have space available for collaborative and creative work. Our exciting space can be the host for your next meeting, workshop, presentation, lecture or product launch. For more info contact

Multi-functional space

Our desks and chairs allow all kinds of workshop and lecture setups for up to 40 people. We offer all the usual technical facilities such as WiFi, projector / beamer, flip-over, etc. Contact us for more info.

Organic catering

Catering for lunch or snacks is available via Café De Ceuvel. Being a sustainable environment, all foods are tasty, healthy, organic and vegetarian. Let us know your wishes and we’ll make them come true :-). For more info contact:

Sustainability & De Ceuvel

The former industrial plot has been transformed into one of the most unique and sustainable urban developments in Europe. The site, which is heavenly polluted, is filled with retrofitted houseboats that where taken out of the water and placed around a winding wooden walkway. They are surrounded by an undulating landscape of soil-cleaning plants. De Ceuvel is now an eco-hub for creative and social enterprises. It also includes a public restaurant, Ceuvel Café, and a bed & breakfast.

Cultural hotspot

A group of (landscape)architects, artists, photographers, designers and other creative entrepreneurs together build a new creative hotspot. Each of the upgraded boats house offices, ateliers, or workshops for creative and social enterprises. The cafe has been built completely with recycled materials, such as 80-years-old bollard from the harbor of Amsterdam and a old beach pavilion from the beach of Scheveningen. Come and check it out!

Sustainable info tour

When you book a tour at the Ceuvel you’ll learn about bottom-up community development, architecture & spatial planning, phytoremediation of polluted soils and closed-loop cleantech integration. The tour will be lead by initiators and members of de Ceuvel. You can contact

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The Crossboat is a retrofitted houseboat that has been turned into a high-end inspirational versatile multi functional space. It is situated in an innovative and sustainable environment at ‘de Ceuvel’.

The Crossboat can be used for workshops, meetings, trainings, lessons, presentations, cinema, private parties and more… For business or culture, the Crossboat can accommodate almost any type of request.

The Crossboat is especially designed and reshaped to accommodate multiple setups and function as a multi functional inspirational space. Its cross shape is the architectural result and its signature characteristic. With the newest trends in floor and heating technology, many aspects are the result of its high tech finish. The Crossboat will provide visitors with an atmosphere of innovation and creativity at the very center of De Ceuvel, next to the water. Ideal to get out of the regular office setting and get busy thinking out of the box (which box?) and be inspired by the location and its people.



350half a day

Commercial rent

For all presentations, workshops, brain storming or creative sessions, product launches or anything else, the Crossboat offers the ideal location and setting.

The CrossBoat’s multifunctional space (60m2) starts from €350 excl. v.a.t. (btw) for half a day, morning or afternoon, for commercial use. Bookings for the entire day (8 hours) are available from €500 excl.v.a.t. (btw). The CrossBoat is available 7/7 from 08.00 hrs. until 18.00hrs.

A biological / organic lunch is served @ Cafe de Ceuvel, for more information please contact Let us know what you’d like to use, such as beamers, flip-overs, catering, etc. Contact us at for more information or reservations / bookings.

Getting there
From behind Amsterdam Central Station you can take the free ferry across to Buiksloterweg. There you can rent a bike or walk to De Ceuvel in 10 minutes.

Parking is free and allowed in the Papaverweg (not the Korte Papaverweg!). This is only a 1 minute walk to De Ceuvel.

200half a day

Cultural rent

For cultural, educational, government or other non-profit organizations or institutions (ANBI status), the CrossBoat with its 60m2 of multi functional space, is available at a special fee starting from €200 excl. v.a.t. (btw)  for mornings or afternoons and €350 excl. btw for the entire day.
The CrossBoat is available 7/7 from 08.00 hrs. until 18.00hrs.
Let us know how we can help you.

An organic lunch is served @ Cafe de Ceuvel, for more information please contact

Getting there
From behind Amsterdam Central Station you can take the free ferry across to Buiksloterweg. There you can rent a bike or walk to De Ceuvel in 10 minutes.

Parking is free and allowed in the Papaverweg only (not in the Korte Papaverweg!). This is only a 1 minute walk to De Ceuvel.

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  • Yoga @ the Crossboat

    Zou het niet geweldig zijn als alle deelnemers gedurende de hele meeting gefocust en energiek

    blijven? Start je bijeenkomst met yoga en meditatie om fris en ontspannen aan de dag te beginnen.

    Yoga laat de creatieve energie stromen, geeft een positieve sfeer. Voor een productieve, dynamische


    Alle deelnemers krijgen tips mee die gemakkelijk in het dagelijks leven zijn toe te passen.

    Het is ook mogelijk de yoga en meditatiemomenten na de lunch of na afloop van de bijeenkomst in

    te passen.

  • Reddingsbrigade Amsterdam

    The green think tank

    De Ceuvel vormt één van de meest inspirerende en duurzame locaties van Amsterdam waar binnen en buiten elkaar innig omhelzen. Op het zelf zuiverende park staan zestien duurzaam gerenoveerde woonboten en een noest café dat is opgebouwd uit 80 jaar oude bielzen en markante reddingsbrigade gebouwtjes.

    Op deze plek huist ‘Reddingsbrigade Amsterdam’ alwaar we de brug tussen gemeente en creatieven willen slaan. Vanuit Reddingsbrigade Amsterdam bieden we eerste hulp bij stedelijke opgaven. Op die manier willen we de het mogelijk maken om samen na te denken over de opgaven waar Amsterdam mee worstelt. Simpel, snel en helemaal in het begintraject willen we eerste hulp bieden vanuit de expertise die we zowel individueel als samen hebben opgebouwd.

  • De Ceuvel University

    The Ceuvel University is a Place for Inspiration, Innovation and Action with aim of Open Sourcing Solutions and Knowledge for a More Sustainable World.

    Together with others we will host workshops and presentations for innovation, sustainability, crow sourcing initiatives and more. Come and join us in our actions and contribute with ideas and action to make this world a better brighter more peaceful place.

    Do you organize workshops or want to share innovative ideas, please come in contact and make our world a better place.


  • For workshops

    Are you an opinion leader and are you passionate about social, sustainable or other innovation?

    It can be any topic from food to architecture to quantum physics to alternative medicine.

    Contact us if you would like to work with us, or if you are organizing workshops. We’d like to discuss the possibilities at the Crossboat and want to think with you about how to reach your target audience and spread some inspiration…

    We are very creative in business models and event marketing, so please do not hesitate to contact us so we can see how we can promote your ’cause’ and expertise.


What is De Ceuvel ?

In 2010 architects space&matter and Marjolein Smeele brought together a group that put forth the winning concept for reimagining the site of the former de Ceuvel Volharding shipyard.

After winning the competition, which was announced by the municipality (Projectbureau Noordwaarts en Bureau Broedplaatsen) a whole team of experts developed the project to a highly innovative plan on the fields of urbanism, architecture and sustainability.

Because of the temporary,10-year nature of the development and the low budget, space&matter focused on developing an innovative concept where mobility and reuse are central. The design of the urban plan and community-driven nature of the project rapidly combine ‘waste’ land and ‘waste’ materials into something beautiful and valuable.

“This green oasis creates a new on-land harbor for secondhand house boats, which otherwise would have ended up in a junkyard,” said Glasl. As largely autarkic elements, the boats will be able to leave the site after ten years without much of a trace, leaving the land more valuable, biodiverse, and cleaner from pollutants.

The site, which is now heavily polluted, will feature imaginatively retrofitted houseboats placed around a winding bamboo walkway and surrounded by an undulating landscape of soil-cleaning plants designed by Delva Landscape architects. Each of the upgraded boats will house offices, ateliers, or workshops for creative and social enterprises.

In the press:

“De Ceuvel gives the impression of a utopia that has actually been accomplished,” – Prize selection committee of Frame Public Dutch Design Award

“The project is an example of Amsterdam’s commitment to urban experimentation” – New York Times / Chistopher F. Schuetze

“Wie niet beter weet zou denken dat een vloedgolf Amsterdam heeft getroffen” – de Volkskrant

“Het paradijs van Noord” – I Love Noord

“Klussen op De Ceuvel is absoluut geen straf, integendeel… ” – Hermen van der Waal

“Ceuvel Volharding. Meest indrukwekkende Broedplaats die ik ooit heb gezien.” – Floor Ziegler

“Havenschroot wordt hip” – Brabants Dagblad

“The design of the whole area is kind of positive for your brain” – Mark Kulsdom

“This is a playground for us to experiment in city development” – Sascha Glasl – Project leader De Ceuvel


  • Beamer       Flip-over       Tafels / stoelen       Catering